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Cover Image:  Three Shells
(Photo by Jason Roush, 2011)

“With his passionate lens framed on both the personal and the public spheres, Jason Roush stands at the doorframe of transitional middle life and looks backward to origin and forward to the stars, gravitating ‘toward / outer space, the cosmic reaches.’  He urges us toward new language, lush, palpable rippling waves of lyric certitude along with the fluctuating and ever fickle figure of Eros.  Roush takes us right to the precipice of change and urges us onward.  ‘Go,’ Roush writes, ‘and take your love into the world.’”

            —D. A. Powell, author of Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys


“Jason Roush has a questing intelligence that revels in the transformative power of physical and mental travel, the truths he finds whilst ‘spiraling gently closer to the labyrinth’s / hidden center.’  His language has the dazzling clarity of water, and its fluid movements create myriad, exhilarating surprises.  Reality trembles and is remolded in these poignant pieces, which find their speakers most at home in the night sky, beside churning oceans or vast tectonic shifts.  Urgent and intimate, Dispossession energizes the reader, allowing them to inhabit possibilities where ‘the earth’s paths will be more alive.’”

—John McCullough, author of The Frost Fairs


Jason Roush's poems have appeared in Assaracus, Brooklyn Review, Cimarron ReviewFifth Wednesday
and elsewhere. He is the author of three previous books of poetry: After Hours (2005), Breezeway (2007), and Crosstown (2009).
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(Author Photo by Paul Rivenberg, 2012)